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ÉCOLE DES ARTISTES (school of artistes), is an experimental collective that was formed by Hugo Sire, Leopold Brekke, and Izabela Clarke in the fall of 2021. They created a fashion residency, where they lived together on Rue des Artistes in the 14th arrondisment of Paris for several weeks. 

Drawing, cutting, sleeping, draping, thinking, learning.

They researched communities that live, create, and move through life together. What do they wear 
Vagabonds, wanderers, nomads. 

Hugo studied tailoring at Atelier Chardon Savard in Paris, and Leopold and Izabela studied at the Rhode Island School of Design, textiles and Women’s Ready to Wear respectfully.

They all met while working for Hermès in various departments. The two boys as designers with the Men’s department, and Izabela working in Artistic Direction.

ÉCOLE DES ARTISTES presented their first collection, “collection des erreurs,” during fashion week in Paris in June 2022.


The runway took

place in the 13th

arrondissement in and

around Three Star

Books, an


publishing house. 

The runway was

staged as a big move,

with each model

exiting a moving

truck, carrying chairs,

frames, and boxes

into the gallery. 

There were 16 looks:

8 male and 8 female.